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The Soft Silicone Baby Bib Protects Baby Clothes from Spills and Stains.

-Are you tired of endless wash of fabric bibs?
-Do you want to have more fun time with your baby, instead of laundry and cleaning?

You don’t need to pick up crumbs of bread, cookies, or other pieces of food from the floor or table any more.

Why you’d want to have it:

-Silicone baby bib catches crumbs, bits of food and water spills into bib pocket.
-Our silicone baby bib with pocket will give you a lot of free time. After baby feeding, just rinse baby silicone bib with warm soapy water. Our bibs are dishwasher safe.
-Silicone baby bib with food catcher saves your family finances! The silicone bibs for babies will save you on water, cleaning supplies, which would normally be used when washing cloth bibs.
-Buying the silicone baby bib set, you no longer need to buy fabric bibs, which require frequent washing and dry for a long time.
-The silicone baby bib with crumb catcher has universal size and collar on buttons which controls diameter of the collar, with the option to increase as the baby’s neck grows. The pocket bib doesn’t irritate or rub baby’s skin. Thus the cute bib grows with your baby.

The toddler bibs with snaps from Mom’s & Dad’s Team are designed by mothers for their babies, considering kids’ daily care.

If you order our best bibs for feeding, you’ll get a set of two bright and colorful toddler bibs with pocket, besides we give you 2 soft silicone spoons for feeding!

We are confident in the quality of our products, so we give the guarantee of 90 days.

If you due to some reasons will not be satisfied with our product, Mom’s & Dad’s Team will refund your money.

Hurry up to purchase best toddler bibs at starting price.We are expanding the color palette of modern baby bibs, so the price will be increasing.

You just need to click “Add to Cart”, to order silicone baby bib.

Product Features

  • SOFT AND LIGHTWEIGHT BIB WITH WIDE AND CAPACIOUS POCKET. As silicone is soft and thin, baby wears the silicone bib with pocket and doesn’t feel it. Soft collar gently wraps around baby’s neck, protects it from moisture, and doesn’t irritate the skin. Silicone bib has a wide pocket for crumbs. It’s very convenient, since food doesn’t fall on the floor. All crumbs and drips stay in the pocket, which is of the same level as feeding chair.
  • SAFETY AND HIGH QUALITY. Our snap bibs for babies are made from 100% food-grade silicone, which is certified with accordance to FDA standards. It doesn’t contain Bisphenol-A- silicone bib BPA free. Our products are designed by moms for their babies and approved by certificates of international inspection campaigns, so high quality of products is guaranteed.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND DOESN’T REQUIRE DRYING. Silicone bibs with crumb catcher are easy to care- you just need to wash soft baby bibs with warm soapy water and rinse. Waterproof bibs for toddlers may also be washed on the top shelf of dishwasher. Easy wipe bibs save not only energy, water and detergents, which are normally used for washing and drying, but they also save your money, because you don’t need to buy numerous fabric bibs. Saves you more time for fun. There is no laundry!
  • EASY TO TRAVEL AND EASY TO STORE. The bib that catches food, easily folds into a roll. It’s easily stored on the shelf of the drawer. Bucket bib doesn’t take much space and doesn’t deform. Roll up bib compactly fits in a diaper bag. Baby eating smock is always handy during a trip or journey, at a restaurant or on a picnic. The best bib for toddler is always clean. It’s a must-have for traveling parents.
  • BEST BABY SHOWER GIFTS. With our silicone baby bibs 2 pack, every mom-to-be will want you at their baby showers. It is one of the best baby shower ideas for new moms. SET OF TWO silicone bibs with pocket allows you to wear two kids at once. You can buy silicon baby bibs for girls or silicone baby bibs for boys. Our universal colors fit for boys and girls. You can use one catch bib at home and the other one – at a restaurant, on a picnic, in a trip, on a party, etc.


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