Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors with PreApplied 3M tape, 8PC

July 21, 2017 - Comment
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Would you like to protect your family and prevent bumps and bruises from sharp corners. Are you worried about your child bumping their heads on sharp edges while running and playing. The faster they are the harder the impact could be if not protected right.

Well, the Sure Basics Edge Guards manufactured and sold by Sure Basics Inc are perfectly Soft and Thick to absorb the impact to provide you the peace of mind you are looking for. And best of all these table bumpers come with pre-applied 3M double sided tape, simply peel the edge tape cover and apply the corners at the desired location. How easy can it be! We have removed the hassle of cutting the tape, and placing 4 pieces of the tape on each corner, instead making it an easy 30 seconds install.

These soft cushion corners are made of high-quality NON-TOXIC EVA Rubber material to withstand any impact.

Buy Now with ease

Do not wait too long when it comes to Home Safety. Protect your kids, your pets, and the whole family from sharp edges and furniture corners. Buy with peace of mind since it comes with a 30-day refund policy. It comes in top quality packaging and arrives at your doorstep in a few days. Remember each day counts when you know you have to childproof the house!

Product Features

  • Please make sure to buy from Sure Basics. IMPACT ABSORBING – Shock Absorbing Baby Proofing Corner Guards and Corner Protectors provides maximum protection from sharp corners and edges
  • EASY INSTALL – Since it comes with Pre-applied 3M Adhesive tape, simply peel tape backing, and place at the desired corner. Hassle free and just too easy to install
  • FUNCTIONALITY – Sticks on Strong and Installs on all surfaces wood, glass, steel and ceramic
  • RELIABILITY – Won’t damage furniture and is easy to remove
  • NON-TOXIC – Naturally Fire retardant. Lead and Pththalate free. Even if the child bites the corners, these contain the least chemicals, and are completely child safe


S. Hansen says:

Not just for children….. I bought these, not because we have small children, but because as seniors, we don’t want to fall on sharp corners.These are perfect for those sharp edges that could cause massive injury if one were to hit them. Thank you for a good product.

Eric C says:

I love these bumpers, wish I would have found them or though about them a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago… Husbands review: I love these darn bumpers, they have saved me from the nightmare I had to deal with after I had people over for games. I’ll explain, I have chairs on the back row/riser in my man cave, every time someone leaned back, they would scratch, and dent the back wall…because of this, I would have to patch, re-texture and paint the wall at least once a month. Now, i don’t have to worry about that (view pic), these suckers are fairly thick, excellent for what I need them for and bounce…

Amazon Customer says:

These are amazing. I was worried since my coffee table doesn’t … These are amazing. I was worried since my coffee table doesn’t have straight edges but the adhesive is so strong it sticks well enough to the edges it’s touching. I’m only concerned about what it might do to the wood finish once removed.

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