Stay Put Baby Feeding Bowls,3 Size Baby Bowl Set,Baby Utensils Bowls and Spoons,Bpa Free

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“Baby in the meal when the bowl is easy to overturn,food spills,it is difficult to clean up.We carefully designed a suction cup,the bowl can be firmly adsorbed on the table,to prevent the baby overturned.
3 different colors of the bowl to prevent confusion, Let the dinner more fun.We provide the fork and spoon for the baby,do not need to buy separately,we provide the fork and spoon can prevent harm baby.”

Our Story
We are ready to be parents and we are beginning to think about how we can make a better life for our future babies.We offer better products for our children so that they are free to use, without worries, safe, and most importantly let them know We have a deep love for the baby!

This is the inspiration of KAYEAR brand.We design and produce the best quality products,do not contain harmful substances.Use our products and your baby together,give your baby a better life.

Thank you for allowing KAYEAR to be part of your family.

Package Includes
1 x 180ML Bowl
1 x 230ML Bowl
1 x 440ML Bowl
1 x Fork
1 x Spoon

Product Features

  • Each product group contains three different colors and sizes of bowl. We even made a silica gel fork and spoon, which means you do not need to buy extra for your baby. This is the perfect baby gift.
  • Our products through numerous tests, we have demonstrated a very good bowl adsorption, quality than any other brand on Amazon.
  • Each size bowl is equipped with a very tight-fitting lid can be sealed to preserve food, no matter where you go, you can put the bowl stacked portable package.
  • Our products have been certified by the US FDA safety, no harmful chemicals, each set of bowls have been proved latex free, lead-free, it does not contain bisphenol A, phthalates.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Any Reason:For 30 days after the date of purchase, return your undamaged KAYEAR product and receive a full refund for ANY reason.


Marie Wallace says:

Cute bowls! I like these bowls very much and so far they have stayed put on the high chair. This doesn’t however stop my 1 year old from grabbing a fist full of oatmeal and smearing it everywhere. At least the bowl stays off the floor. 

TRAVS says:

Great product & great service I was hesitant and skeptical to purchase this because I already purchased a silicone bowl placemat from another company and my son already knew how to lift it off his high chair tray. I’m glad I purchased this because they literally don’t budge once you press down and have it placed. My son loves to practice eating with a spoon from these bowls and self eats with his hands. He’s figured out that he can’t move the bowls with his strength so he’s stopped trying and commits to just eating. I love…


Lids don’t leak, suction cups hold well and the spoon and fork turn color This set of Stay Put Suction Bowls passed every one of my tests with flying colors. Each of the lids fits tightly, is easy tell which lid fits which bowl and all of them are leak proof. When held upside down and even tossed around, no water leaked out. The bowls will stack with the lids on or off. This is very important for storage. 

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