Sumnacon Baby Splat Mat for Under High Chair Floor Protector, Reusable Washable Feeding Highchair Food Splash Spill Mats,Toddler Seat Splat Mat-Floor Table Protector Cover and Portable Kids Play Mat

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Great for catching all the crumbs that toddler drops when eating. It is large enough to use at your dinning room table.
Great for toddler actatives such as cutting & pasting, water colors and any kind of crafts and spills you don’t want on your floors.

This has saved your floors from loads of mess. Looks great and cleans up really easy.
Big enough to catch most of what he drops without being in the way of the rest of the family.

These Splat Mat does excellent job at protecting floor and easy to pick it up and shake out the debris in the trash. Wipes clean for messier spills.

It’s a good size to put under your messy eater or next to since he has a tendency to drop things in one direction more than others.

You can use this Splat Mat when you’re out and put it under her play blanket, keeps her nice and clean and dry when on the grass, or in a friend’s house.

Use this matt when you are traveling or visiting friends. It lets your little one eat (where there may not be a high chair) without making a mess of the floors.
The size is great as its easy to fold and pack.


the front is Linen , the back side is anti-skid cloth


1* Splat Mat

Product Features

  • Carpet Saver- it is doing it’s job protecting the carpet in your dining room.This mat is SO much better than vacuuming a rug or mopping the tile every time your little baby eats. It catches all the crumbs,spills and stains, and when a meal or a snack are finished, you just need to fold up the mat,take it outside and shake it out…done! It saving your rug and makes for an easy clean up
  • Machine Washable- Reusable Splat Mats are machine washable, making them easy to clean. Hang or tumble dry low, and use again and again. If you are tired of mopping every night. It is exactly what you are looking for. The material can been thrown in the washer without taking up a ton of space. And, it can also go in the dryer.
  • Size: 43.3*43.3inch. Safety, anti-slip granules backing to hold the cover in place Position it as a diamond under the high chair so that a point comes out of each side of the chair. This optimizes coverage over potential drop zones for you. You can also purchase it to use over your fancy table cloth so your child can make a mess as he pleases.
  • This is perfect for toddler to use while snacking in the living room. It’s a nice small size for them to sit on while watching tv and drinking his milk or snacking. Easy to fold up and take with you if needed. You can use this Splat Mat when you’re out and put it under her play blanket, keeps her nice and clean and dry when on the grass, or in a friend’s house.
  • Great mat to help with your messy eater! Fits under high chair & catches most food. This would also be a good arts craft mat as well. The design matches the d├ęcor of kitchen which is a nice thing. This is a good mat that is very durable. Balled up and pulled from end to end without losing shape or tearing. This as a good mat to put under a high chair to save your floor from spills.


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