TEQIN Infant Electric Nail Trimmer Newborn Clippers 6 in 1 Baby Nail Care System

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Relax. Trim baby’s nails safely and gently.

As a parent you have plenty challenging duties, and TEQIN baby nail care kit is always here to help. One particular anxiety-inducing job is trimming your little one’s nails. Parents are often hesitant to work nail clippers or scissors near their baby’s fingers, especially if their child is the type to pull away in the middle of a cut. TEQIN’s answer is this adorable and well thought-out baby nail trimmer, which makes it safe – and fun – to gently trim baby’s nails. Now you can keep up your cutie’s beauty without harming any delicate skin or cuticles.

Motorized Rotating Trimming

Powered by a small, lightweight, and very gentle rotating motor, the filing pads safely trim the nails of babies aged newborn to toddler.  By applying just a fit of pressure, you can trim nails of any size and length without worry.

4 Circular Nail Filing Pads

The included trimmer case holds 4 circular nail filing pads with precise grit levels for nails of every age. Color-coding helps you find the right pad for your baby:Yellow: 0-3 months; Pink: 4-11 months; Blue: over 12 months; and the White one is for adult to Polish nails

Cushioned Pads Backing

To prevent any harm from coming to the skin around your baby’s nails, including the fingertips and cuticles, each nail filing pad features a soft, cushioned backing that’s gentle on surrounding skin. The cushion also softens the applied pressure.

Directions for Use:

Insert included AA battery. Firmly hold baby’s fingers (or toes) between forefinger and thumb, one at a time. Turn unit on. Gently place cushioned pad at tip of baby’s nail until desired length is reached. When done, turn unit off and store in provided case.

Product Features

  • 6 bits exquisite accessories : these baby nail clippers come with 3 cushioned sandpapers safe for babies and children, as well as 3 attachments for adult use
  • Operation feature: boasting with an integrated LED front light and whisper-quiet motor, you can trim the baby’s nails while they’re sleeping without them ever knowing
  • Multiple settings: control speed (high/low) and rotation (clockwise/reverse) for enhancing nail filing positions and softer, smoother nails
  • Lightweight, compact design : made with a one-button design and powered by 2 AA batteries(not included), this is the perfect baby shower gift for home or travel
  • Safe baby nail file that won’t damage cuticles or soft nail beds, you can safely and quickly trim and polish little toenails and fingernails


CV Says says:

Must have item for babies! Infant Electric Nail Trimmer Newborn Clippers 6 in 1 Baby Nail Care System from TEQIN 

Rachel Linder says:

trims nails This nail trimmer is perfect for adults, newborn babies or any baby who does not like his nails clipped. This comes with a night light for when baby is sleeping. Also, the motor is quiet so you can use this when baby is asleep. This comes with 6 different files. 3 files for a baby’s nails and 3 for adult nails. I really like that you can use this electric trimmer on adult and baby nails. There are several settings such as low to high speeds and rotation to get all angels of nail. This trimmer…

USA.Boston Reviews says:

She likes it!!! I love this nail file set. My daughter did not like clippers it was a constant battle until I bought this. Now we make a fun time of it washing. Fixing her nails nice and massaging lotion on her hands. Definitely a big help!!

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