The Baby Lodge Child Safety Cabinet Locks – The Ultimate Childproofing Latches for Cabinets, Dresser, Refrigerator, Drawer, Microwave, Oven, Toilet Seat – 3M Adhesives, Adjustable Strap (6 Pack,White)

February 27, 2017 - Comment
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“Having four kids, I have been through my fair share of cabinet locks and baby proofing items. These are by far my FAVORITE cabinet locks that I’ve tried so far!”

To All The Parents:

Do you constantly worry about your curious toddler(s) whenever you’re cooking in the kitchen, reading a book, taking a bathroom break, and surfing the net in your lazy chair?

You glance at him/her every minute, and then lose track of what you were doing previously?

We know exactly how it feels!

The Baby Lodge Child Safety Cabinet Locks

Our cabinet locks have a functional design, effectively preventing the little ones from access to the dangerous household chemicals, medicine cupboards, garbage / trash can, your neat closet, fridge, sharp objects and all sorts of household appliances.

Triple-action lock release system keeps the smartest of children off limits, but easy enough for adults to lock and unlock.

The 3M foam tape doesn’t peel the paint off your furniture when removed properly, which makes it a great kit to childproof apartments and rentals.

Detailed Instructions

Have questions regarding how to adjust the strap, how long it takes for the adhesives to dry, and how to best position your new cabinet latch?

Basic instructions are on the back of our packaging, and we also provide you with a detailed instructional ebook guiding you step-by-step, with FAQs.

Manufacturer Guarantee

We stand behind our product 100% and we offer a 731-days full refund or exchange.

Please contact us if you have any issue with our products, and you request will be responded to within 24 hours (including weekends!)

What Next?

Count the number of places in the house that you can use our locks on, and order it TODAY!. Perfect as a gift for baby showers, instead of the same old cards and infant toys:)

Product Features

  • ** HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN SALE ** – Take 25% off your purchase, limited time only. Use coupon CLSALE25 at check out. This is the perfect time to get multiple sets for all your baby proofing needs:)
  • EASY, EASY, EASY – Easy to install with no tools required (no screws and no drilling), easy to remove with no damage, and easy to unlock for adult. Not so easy for your curious toddler though, as he/she will have a torrid time trying, and eventually, give up. Mission accomplished.
  • ESTHETIC or SAFETY? – Life is never the same with the little one, so why should the look of your furniture stay the same? Decorate your home with our product. The strap is temporarily removable when not in use. Keep your kid safe. The locks go when your child grows.
  • UNMATCHED VERSATILITY – Don’t worry about not having knobs, spacing of your handles, cabinet door thickness, furniture material, and a thousand others. The flexible straps are designed for latching around corners. Our multipurpose baby locks work EVERYWHERE… except on heated surface… (Hey, nothing’s perfect!)
  • REALLY SUPERIOR HOLD – Strap measures 5.5″ and can adjusted by cutting the excess off. Lock size measures 2.4 x 1.6 inches. We have the largest lock size, which means the largest surface area, which also happens to mean the largest strength and hold. Coupled with heavy duty 3M adhesive, babies have no chance.


joseph m miller says:

Very happy Great lock… wraps around the boys dresser and sticks pretty good. Have had it on for over a month now and not 1 complaint. Not rocket science to get the draw open but definitely sufficient enough to keep my 2 year old twins out. The drawers only have their clothes in them so its mainly used so they dont ooen the draws and attempt to climb up the dresser and hurt themselves. Hoping by the time they crack the code they are at a point they know not to climb up. Not sure if i would use this as a…

Maggie says:

Perfect for keeping little hands out of places! Length:: 0:47 MinsĀ 

Bri Stutzman says:

Favorite locks I’ve found!!! I was terrified when my little one figured out how to open the pantry door, that he’d pull cans down on top of him or even the pantry itself. I ran across these locks on a Facebook video and looked into them. My hubby and I were trying to find locks that would work. These locks were incredibly easy to install and VERY easy to unlock and re-lock (for adults) when you need to. I’m in and out of my pantry multiple times making dinner. My inquisitive 18 month old can’t figure it out! I only had one…

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