Tiny Ideas Baby’s Monthly Chalkboard, Boy, Black

April 28, 2017 - Comment
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Track your growing baby, and share with your family and friends with our baby’s monthly chalkboard. This fun and customizable chalkboard is the perfect way to announce baby’s favorites, likes, dislikes, height, weight. Chalkboard includes colorful sections to easily customize with your personal information. Includes chalkboard white chalk. Snap a picture next to chalkboard and post. #pearhead #mylittlepearhead

Tiny moments, forever memories. Tiny Ideas creates products to celebrate your tiny one’s special moments. Celebrate their first year, decorate their nursery, or cherish their baby photos. Every moment shared together, Tiny Ideas is here to forever remember it.

Product Features

  • Track baby’s age every month with this customizable chalkboard
  • Includes chalkboard white chalk to easily customize from month to month
  • Fill in baby’s name, height, weight, age, loves, favorites, and what baby can do
  • Snap a photo next to chalkboard and share with family and friends
  • Use the hashtags #spearhead and #my little pear head for a chance to be featured on our social feeds


Jazmyn says:

Great quality board! I love this board! It’s just what I needed for my little so that I can share her special moments every month. The reason for the 4 stars is because during check out, they(Amazon maybe) recommended that I buy the board along with a pack of liquid chalk markers, I did so and once I received the items I wrote out my littles likes, don’t likes etc.. decided to write it all over.. went to erase it all and the liquid chalk stained the board. ? So the board is now pretty useless now! Moral of…

Brittany B. says:

So fun for pictures! This chalk board is so much fun to use when taking monthly and/or yearly pictures of your little one. The board is good quality and I love how it already has pre-written subjects to talk about (i.e. I don’t like…, favorite food…, etc.) since I continue to suffer from “pregnancy brain” and have a hard time thinking of creative things to write. The chalk erases easily and fully and I had not had any issue with the pre-written wording wearing away.

JH says:

I extremely loved this! Super impressed!! This is super adorable! Bought it for my SIL baby shower this weekend, it exactly what’s in the picture even more adorable. I decided to get this because as a mom of two (girl and boy) I love taking pictures of them almost everyday esp when they we’re a baby and plus I’m a photo hoarder lol. I think this one is a great idea for monthly pictures for baby’s milestones, you can use it over and over and it create special bond between the mom and the baby. I love it and I can’t wait to see my SIL to…

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