True Koala Whale Shaped Baby Feeding Mat- Food-Grade Silicone One Piece Kids’ Placemat- Excellent Non-Slip Self Suction Toddler Dinnerware To Enhance Healthy Eating & Prevent Mess In Meals (Pink)

February 20, 2017 - Comment
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Make Toddlers’ Mealtime Fun

Are you sick tired of food carelessly spilled by your toddler during mealtime, which leaves your kitchen a mess and makes after-meal clean-up a torture?

Are you looking for an imaginative way to tempt your little angel into eating veggies and fruit that would consolidate healthy eating habits for life?

Treat Your Kid To A Unique Whale Shaped Silicone Feeding Mat By True Koala & Make Mealtime The Best Part Of Their Day!

Never again waste time on cleaning a messy table after your toddlers’ meals! Preserve your kitchen’s orderly environment and save your table, carpet and furniture from persistent greasy stains thanks to our high-end silicone placemat!

A unique ergonomic feeding mat in an eye-catching colourful WHALE SHAPE, our placemat will make the central piece in your daily kid’s feeding ritual, tempting your little one to eat all their food and get stronger and bigger, ensuring the appropriate intake of vitamins and minerals from vegetables, fruit and yogurt!

Safety & Convenience Our First Priority

Made from absolutely safe materials, our toddler placemat is free of harmful substances that would threaten your kid’s health, while the self-suction pad underneath our tray whale placemat offers an excellent firm grip on the surface of your table to prevent accidents.

An Excellent Travel-Friendly Placemat

Flexible, lightweight and easily folded, our children’s placemat will be easily stored after meals and make an easily carried silicone tray to accompany you in all your travels, on your holidays, on a weekend family trip and in all your daily out and about with your toddler!

Purchase Your Very Own Whale-Shaped Toddler’s Placemat NOW!

Product Features

  • • TEMPT YOUR TODDLER TO EAT HEALTHILY: Help your kid adopt precious healthy eating habits and prevent obesity at an early age with amazing True Koala kid’s placemat! Serve safely cereals, fruit, veggie or yogurt together with their meal in the specially designed compartments of our generously sized 15″X10″X1″ silicone tray and teach them the life-saving benefits of healthy diet!
  • • AN IRRESISTIBLE WHALE-SPAPED PLACEMAT: No toddler will resist to attractive silicon whale tableware! Tempt your kid to finish all their food and save time on feeding with this cute, fun silicone placemat with the separate compartments that will host the exact portions of all nutritious elements of a healthy daily diet!
  • • PREVENT MESS IN THE KITCHEN: Keep your kitchen clean and steer clear from tipped plates during mealtime thanks to our ergonomic children’s placemat! The powerful self-suction pad on the back of our children’s feeding mat will ensure firm grip on the table, preventing spilled food from spoiling the spotless order in your kitchen!
  • • AN ABSOLUTELY SAFE SILICONE TRAY: Manufactured from premium standard food-grade non-toxic silicone and undergone to the strictest quality controls, True Koala feeding mat makes a safe kids’ tableware for heavy daily use. FDA approved, BPA and phthalate-free and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of toddlers’ games during mealtime, our whale placemat will be your kid’s durable buddy for years!
  • • AN EXCELLENT GIFT FOR ALL KIDS: Treat your kids, nephews, grandchildren or pupils at the kindergarten to this original eye-catching silicone placemat on all occasions! Encourage them to adopt healthy eating habits while preserving order in the kitchen and enjoy their ear-to- ear smile upon seeing this eye-catching silicone placemat!


Katie says:

Cute and functional This is my first silicone feeding mat, so I don’t have anything to compare it too, however I did purchase this specific mat because of the suction cups. Now any mom knows that babies/toddlers have this strange strength to them….they are persistent as well. So they will rip off anything you put in front of them eventually. But with the 4 suction cups it does take a little longer. It does help contain the mess a little more than just a plate.

Kailey says:

Life changer This is amazing and I love the sections cups on it instead of the ones with out it. I highly recommend this whale tray:)

Rickless says:

Super great idea for home or restaurant use This is such a welcome addition to any parent’s arsenal in fighting the eat your veggies (or fruit or whatever food your child hates and refuses to eat without drama and tantrums). The silicone mat stays firmly in place once laid down, so there is no chance of your child pushing it off their high chair tray or table. All bets are off once they realize they can lift a corner though! This is great, because you can make eating a game. For me, it is challenging the child to eat all of the food in…

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