TV and Furniture Anti-Tip Straps – Multifunctional Anchors with All Metal Parts for Baby Safety – Adjustable Tethers for All Flat Screens – 2 Pack with Bonus Table Corner Guards

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“Be Prepared,” the motto of Boy Scouts, could also be adopted by parents of 6-month-old babies. When they begin to roll, scoot, crawl and pull-up on furniture, it’s time to child-proof the home. Using RumaBaby’s TV and Furniture anti-tip straps can reduce injuries in the home. To secure larger or heavier items, basically the more anchors you use, the more secure it will be. Anti-tip straps from RumaBaby Company act as child safety locks for your tippable furniture items (cabinets, television cabinets, chests of drawer and bookcases etc.) and TVs. One end of the strap is firmly secured to the wall while the other is secured to the appliance or piece of furniture or TV.


The effectiveness of these products is widely acknowledged and we advise fitting them to any potentially unstable item, especially if they could seriously injure a child. So next time you have to go to a first birthday for a child, buy the parents RumaBaby’s straps as a gift. They will thank you.


• Extra long
• Easy to install
• No plastic parts
• Hardware included
• Metal cam lock buckle
• Compatible with most TV
• Hand-crafted triple stitching
• Professional quality materials
• 4 packs corner bumpers – Limited Time Promotion!


• 2*Black Straps 
• 2*Complete Sets of TV Bolts
• 2*Complete Sets of Furniture Screws (for Wall and Furniture)
• 4*Corner Protector Cushions


If you aren’t 100% satisfied with RumaBaby’s TV and furniture straps, simply return this product within 90 days of purchase for a full refund!

Go click the “ADD TO CART” button above and strap down your Furniture and TV. PROTECT YOUR CHILD TODAY!

Product Features

  • ENTIRELY METAL PARTS – We use exclusively high quality and very resistant materials, such as durable metal and heavy-duty polypropylene webbing.
  • MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED – Each set of furniture straps comes complete with all the mounting hardware you need.
  • FREE BONUS GIFT- 4 PACK CORNER GUARDS – These corner protectors are a necessity for anyone with kids. You can relax a little when Caring Corners are installed!
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Easily fitted discretely behind the TV or furniture. They also have a neat quick-release feature that allows you to temporarily move furniture for cleaning.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Take advantage of our 90 Day Guarantee and Protect your child today. We listen carefully to feedback – both good and bad – and this helps shape the way the best products.


Chuck Brown says:

These straps were easy to install These straps were easy to install. The total installation took only 5 minutes. The straps adjusted easily and firmly kept our 55″ tv on our tv stand, without the risk of our little ones knocking it over or having it fall on them. The instructions were easy to follow and allow for attaching to the wall or stand.

Penn88 says:

Works well We have a toddler and I’m always nervous about the TV tipping over, so we decided to install these straps. It comes with all the screws and bolts that you need to strap them down. Our TV is now sturdily strapped down. It also comes with 4 corner covers, which is an excellent bonus item. They do not fit too well on all of our different pieces of furniture with edges, but seem to fit nicely on our kitchen table corners, so that is where they are currently residing.

Jessica says:

Secure and Quick While we do have a one year old nephew who visits, we mainly installed these because we have two cats who insist on trying to knock down our 44 inch TV that we had on a stand. They were installed amazingly quick… less than five minutes. I had the husband do it because I was nervous but I easily could have done it. It was installed just a couple of weeks ago. Now that the TV is secure, the cats have since given up trying to knock it down.

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