Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy Organizer Bath Caddy with Removable Drying Rack Bin and Scoop for Bath Toys for Toddlers + Baby – Gray

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The Ubbi Bath Toy Drying Bin is designed with ingenuity in mind. This free standing bin allows you to conveniently contain bath toy clutter. Simply scoop the toys out of the tub using the whimsical handles and place the bin on its base. The large holes in the bin allow for fast drying, and the base collects excess water that can be poured out later. Easy to use and wash, this drying bin makes bath time clean up a breeze. PVC, BPA and Phthalate free. Dishwasher safe. Enter the world of Ubbi where innovative products are designed and created with parents and children in mind. Under the Ubbi name, you will find unique, quality products that are easy to use, helping to simplify parents’ lives while keeping babies as happy and safe as can be. Thanks to its award-winning can of steel, Ubbi is now a recognized brand worldwide. The Ubbi diaper pail is renowned for its ability to achieve maximum odor control and appreciated for offering the convenience and value of utilizing any standard trash bag or reusable cloth liner, a breakthrough in the diaper disposal market. With the same customer focused philosophy and innovative design capabilities, the Ubbi brand is now expanding its signature diapering selection and extending into the feeding category. A wide range of Ubbi branded products is now available for today’s modern parents that are looking for stylish and functional baby essentials. From concept to final creation, the Ubbi team works together every step of the way to bring the best in design and value. The input of every member of the team is taken into account in the development of the Ubbi products, but consumer input is the most important as customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Product Features

  • STORAGE SOLUTION: Bath Toys overcrowding your bath tub? Ubbi’s got your solution with their Freestanding Bath Toy Organizer Bath Caddy with Removeable Drying Rack Bin and Scoop. Perfect for keeping all those toys in check, and allowing them to air dry safely.
  • 2 PART SYSTEM: Ubbi’s Bath Toy Organizer comes in 2 parts – a removeable freestanding base to collect excess water, and the top basket equipped with handles and large drain holes to quickly and easily collect toys from the tub and get them dry, keeping you organized!
  • NO SUCTION CUPS: Don’t like clutter on your walls? Sick of suction cups that don’t stick? Ubbi’s Bath Toy Organizer is freestanding in its own base. Once your toys are dry and the water emptied, the organizer becomes portable for easy storage in the closet, under the sink, or even to another room for your child to continue to play with their toys. Can other bath toy storage systems do that?
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: The best part about Ubbi’s Bath Toy Organizer Caddy – its dishwasher safe! No more muss n fuss with having to clean and disinfect, simply place in your dishwasher for an easy cleanup. No time for dishwasher cycle? No problem, simply rinse and go! Plus, all bins are PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free!
  • VARIETY: Available in 2 beautifully neutral colors, Gray or Robin’s Egg Blue, to match any bathroom décor. Each Bin measures 7.5″ width x 10″ height x 7″ depth allowing you maximum storage capacity


Kate says:

Perfect solution for an adult and kids shared bathroom Sharing a bath with kids you are always having to deal with annoying toys in the way when you go to take a shower with no place to put them and bath toys tha stay wet get gross for the tub and the toys. This amazing device solves both those problems! It sits nicely right outside the tub and is the perfect place to store toys out of the way, the size was perfect and didn’t take up a ton of space. The bottom collects all the water so you can just dump it out and your bath toys and floor don’t get…

Patricia Stemp says:

I like it. I’ve tried those hanging baskets that you … I like it. I’ve tried those hanging baskets that you suction on the wall but then I bump into it when taking a shower and the toys fall everywhere…ugh, I hate that! This sits right outside the bathtub and looks simple and even pretty. Easy to clean (unlike all the suction ones that get disgusting with mold on the suctions and the wall). I bought this after the Ubbi diaper pail and I’m very happy with both.

Jessica says:

Great way to hold the bath toys Great way to hold the bath toys. I have found the nets get most easily and the suction cups never last. This little basket holds a ton and my two year old loves cleaning up by scooping all her toys up. I just sit it back on the base and then empty the base of water so no sitting water which leads to no mold! Really love this!

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